Why Choose MAW

Hiring My Advertising Works means one point of contact for all your media – saving you time and money. Dealing with many different media reps is time consuming and bewildering. We’ll take the pressure off, simplify the decision process, and develop a uniform advertising strategy across appropriate mediums. We

  • have more buying power with the media outlets because we manage many accounts – saving you money.
  • work with diverse media types such as television (both broadcast and cable), radio, print, billboard, web and various others – offering you the best choices available.
  • stay informed of timely promotions and opportunities, positioning us to make recommendations that fit your business and align with your marketing goals – saving you money.
  • monitor your ads, and ensure each ad is running as intended – keeping the ad quality high and saving you money.
  • ensure utilization of co-op funds that are available which extend your dollars across the market – saving you money.
  • maintain high ethical standards – ensuring integrity and trustworthiness.
  • are told that we are really good at what we do – ensuring the best your money can buy.

How many versions of your logo exist? Do multiple media outlets create different ads? My Advertising Works will maintain a unified appearance across all your advertising to adhere to your brand identity.