Advertising Services

My Advertising Works will manage all aspects of advertising, including

  • Develop concepts that can be used throughout lasting campaigns.
  • Plan and direct shooting and editing of video for television, web or other.
  • Design and produce print ads and other printed material – brochures, newsletters, business cards, posters and signs.
  • Plan and implement all media buying from start to finish based on your company goals and budget.
  • Continuously monitor campaign and review results, invoices, competitive positioning and recommend adjustments.

Digital Services

Programmatic Display Advertising Products

Behavioral-Targeted Display Banner Advertising

Delivering display banner ads to online users on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile websites & in-app environments) based on specific data-targeting parameters: demographics, incomes, interests, past purchases, purchase intents and geographic location. (Can be geo-targeted.)

Retargeting Display Banner Advertising

Delivering display banner ads to online users who have visited an advertiser’s website to re-engage the prospect with the brand on sites they visit after they leave the advertiser’s website. (Typically included with Behavioral-Targeting Banner Campaign. Can be geo-targeted.)

Behavioral-Targeted In-App Ads

Delivering mobile banner ads to mobile device app users (on cell phones and tablets), based on specific data-targeting parameters, including demographics, app usage, app categories and geographic location of the device.

Premium-Sized Display Banner Ads

High-impact, large format display banners (970 x 250 & 970 x 90) that typically run at the top of a webpage, ensuring above-the-fold placement and increased visibility on premium websites.

Mobile Ad Messaging

Custom-built, scrolling display ads on mobile optimized websites and apps. These ads are capture users’ attention and increase engagement.

Search Retargeting with Display Banners

Delivering display banner ads in real-time (within a 2-hour window) to online audiences who have recently searched a selected campaign keyword in a search engine. The audience is updated every 2 hours with new IP addresses of recent searches to keep the data relevant and timely. 

Contextual Targeting Display Banners

Delivering display banner ads to online users based on websites and web pages with specific content (articles/text) related to selected Topics/Categories (i.e. Health: Pediatrics, Law, Gov’t & Politics: Politics). Contextual targeted ad delivery can also be geo-targeted to region, DMA, city, zip code, etc.

TargetAdMail – Display Banners in Third-Party Publisher Subscriber Emails

Behaviorally-targeted and geo-targeted display banner ads delivered in third-party publisher emails sent to opted-in subscribers from high-quality publishers, such as New York Times, Better Homes & Garden, Shape, Expedia, Parents, etc.

App-Install Audience Targeting – Display, Native, Video

Digital Business-to-Business Products

Data-Driven B2B Targeting Display Advertising

Delivering display banner ads to target professionals/business audience decision-makers based on title/industry/certifications, as well as targeting employee devices (desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile) at target companies based on the SIC or NAICS code for specific industries (i.e. manufacturing, finance).

TargetLeads – B2B Website Visitor Identification

Lead notification and management software for companies with B2B target audiences that identifies companies that visit an advertiser’s website in real-time and notifies the advertiser via email of the prospective company’s visit, as well as provides valuable information to be used for lead follow-up and management. The TargetLeads software offers a web-based lead management platform and integrates with many CRM systems.

Programmatic Digital Video & Audio Products

Programmatic Digital Video, Includes No-Charge 300 x 250 Companion Banner 

Delivering 10-, 15- or 30-second videos to behaviorally-targeted online users as pre-roll or video content on news and premium video websites based on specific data-targeting parameters: demographics, incomes, interests, past purchases, purchase intents and geographic location.

Connected TV Advertising

Delivering produced video advertising spots (30-second spots) to targeted audiences who subscribe to a streaming or on-demand television content service before and within their customized programming selections. Through digitally accessing connected devices (Smart TVs, FireStick, Apple TV, Roku, etc.) Connected television ads are delivered specifically to streaming/subscription content viewers who meet the advertiser’s target audience profile (income, net worth, age, gender, family composition, purchase intent, etc.) This eliminates wasting TV dollars on non-qualified audiences and allows advertisers to reach TV viewers who have “Cut the Cord” of cable TV, when and where they are consuming TV media.

Spotify Audio & Display Banners (50/50 Audio & Banners) or Spotify Display Banners Only

Deliver streaming, non-skippable 15- or 30-second audio spots to Spotify users on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices as well as display banners on the Spotify Desktop and Mobile App.

Additional Digital Products

Digital Data OnboardingIP Address List Matching

Transform your offline data, such as lists of physical mailing addresses, email addresses and company names, into targeted online audiences to deliver your message across multiple media. Contact us to request a custom quote for your campaign.

Search Engine Marketing – PPC (Pricing – Request a quote for client geo and industry)

Pay-Per-Click Keyword Search Engine Marketing deliver text layout ads to online users who search a keyword in the leading search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, within a specified geography. The SEM program allows for recorded call tracking for people who place calls to the companies from the text ads delivered, ad reports on impression, visits, emails sent and web events (such as form completions).

Data-Targeted Email Marketing

Deliver customized, engaging messages to targeted consumers/prospects through Data-Targeted email marketing. Build a list based on demographics (age, gender, income, etc.), interests, professional title and industry, purchase history, family composition and more. Minimum list count: 30,000; average 1-week deployment from receipt of artwork, custom HTML design services available upon request. Campaign reporting on distribution counts, open rates, click-through rates and custom URL clicks.